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Which part is bullshit may I ask. And your tone is not appreciated even if I am mistaken. I'm going off what I was told by a green keeper many years ago and his knowledge snout having plastic bottles of anything sitting in the sun cooking away.


Correct me fine. Calling bullshit is just rude and improper for what is a generally polite and helpful forum. Rude person.

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It's about degradation of an organic product that is cooking inside a plastic bottle for over a year. All on the assumption it's been sitting in full sun. I never said it's useless just that it's probably no longer the quality as it would be off the shelf. Purely stated for the price of $10 personally I'd get a new one. Especially if you want the best for your plants. After all most on here do.


I guess without any scientific evidence "bullshit" is purely speculation as is my original recommendation. If you can prove me wrong id happily apologise.


Their Facebook page states it has a shelf life of about five years but also states the longer you leave it the more it degrades. Also once diluted it should be used within 24/48 hours.


But being a rude prick about it doesn't add any value to mine or the op benefit. That's fine if it makes you feel better about yourself though.


Louise i'm not looking for an apology, just some courtesy. Now chill, have a couple of billies or whatever your tipple is. I'm not here to piss people off, far from it, not my agenda, or give ill advice for that matter. Just passing on information Ito a fellow gardener that I was told and logically makes sense.



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It's about degradation of an organic product that is cooking inside a plastic bottle for over a year.

The product is thoroughly cooked during production to give it a long shelf life with good tolerance to temperature change.


If Power Feed used fish hydrolysate rather than heat treating it to make fish emulsion, that would be a different story entirely...


I had the post contractor pick up a 20l drum of fish hydrolysate in town for me one time, unfortunately it got too warm sitting by the post box and exploded in my ex's face when he opened a week later.


We swapped to the nice, stable fish emulsion after that... even though it was a more expensive and a less complete fertiliser, it was better than getting covered in fermented fish paste.


When we finally stopped market gardening, the last drum of fish emulsion lasted several years on the veggie garden, so I'd say yes, my answer is backed up by both science and actual experience, rather than just being an unfounded assumption.

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