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magnesium deficiency?

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Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor, just moved outdoor today though
Growing Medium: Soil (Potting mix with slow release ferts and added perlite and vermiculite)
Growing style: Hand Watered
Watering/Feeding Frequency: Water 2-3 times a week with rain water from a tank, feed once a week
Nutrient Strength: Thrive Soluble Plant Food (NPK: 25,5,8.8) and Seasol, applied as directed
Ph levels: 6.5 (however my ph meter is quite cheap and not digital so could be incorrect)
Temperature/Humidity: N/A
Air flow/Fans: None, just moved outdoor today though so well ventilated now
Lighting type: CFL
Wattage: 80W
Growth stage: Veg
Plant age: 3-4 weeks from seed
Strain: White widow X Big bud

Do my plants have a magnesium deficiency? The leaves are turning a light green in between the veins, this begins away from the tips of the leaf but on the most effected leaves it has reached the tips. The least effected plant is only showing symptoms on the lower leaves, the more effected plant is showing symptoms on all leaves. This is occurring on two plants only, the others are fine even though all plants have been exposed to equal conditions.

What is a quick way of solving this considering my set-up? Can you recommend any products available from Bunnings? (I have no hydro or specialist gardening stores nearby)

Please help my babies,




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