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Insight nearly doubles audience for heavily promoted marijuana special

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Last night’s SBS Insight special looking at the legalisation of marijuana nearly doubled its audience with 265,000 viewers, up from 167,0000 last week in the wake of an advertising campaign in Sydney and Melbourne. It came on a night when Nine’s renovation show The Block again topped the Oztam metro overnight ratings with an audience of […] The post Insight nearly doubles audience for heavily ...


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I caught it and tho a few arguments were made for and against it all seemed to dance around the issue that if it were made legal the black market around cannabis would crumble overnight. Who would by some no name crap that was badly grown and not flushed of chemicals when you have the option of a dispensary with a lineup of quality grown cannabis? 

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There is also no proof what you buy from a dispensary is what they say it is.

That is not a true statement

Have you even been to a MMJ Dispensary? I have.


Good dispensaries are very careful to ID the cannabis  correctly, and a good Bud Tender will know their canna by smell and taste.

They would not stay in business if they were passing off cannabis incorrectly.

The canna industry is self-regulating in that the crappy operators don't last long. MMJ consumers are smart, with heaps of information at their fingertips.

A fly-by-night dispensary may sell miss-labled canna, but they are the ones who don't stay in business for very long.


Heck I know a few of us here that could ID buds through their smell/taste/look... not all that difficult to be correct

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thats right, if you have ever watched "Weed Wars" a reality tv show on a dispensary you see they send off for testing everything they get in and if it dont meet the grade u get it handed back to you, Try and palm that shit you grew in your room last month that was infested with spider mite and had fuck all thc and was about as good as lawn clippings from your mower and you wont find a buyer that will take it, grow awesome weed that blows your mind and your in the money 

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