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straight to the point - ive had my babys vegging for a total of 6/7 weeks from seed (started aug20th germ) (3wk indoor,apprx3/4outdoor) (lemon skunk/shiva skunk/liberty haze)
they are looking great and starting to branch out abit (although a lil stretched)
i went to check on them today and noticed some female pistile emerging
a blessing in disguise, allowing me to early sex my plants,
************ BUT has left me worrying if they will start flowering ALREADY??!  when i wanted them to at LEAST have another 3/4months veg for a solid harvest early next autumn

do you guys believe they will revert to veg soon? (theres only 3/4 preflowers max each plants)??

or what should i do?

observing the sunrise/sunset times in sydney there is only around 12 hours sun each day for my plants - wtf how are they meant to veg without flowering
by the end of the month of october it will be around 13 i think



i recently set up my outdoor grow site consisting of 4 x 75l/20gal bins (+ 1 50L pot) with a nice organic soil mix of - coco/potting mix/mushroom compost/chicken manure/perlite
and am looking to harvest halflb to a full lb each plantt this outdoor season 
i have 3 successful grows under my belt and am about to harvest a winter crop!

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pre flowers are just that PREflowers., the plant is only showing its sex not going into flower... unless you have an AutoFlowering Strain

12hrs from sunrise to sunset is actually 13 or more hours of light 


but quite hard to diagnose something without a photo - 'cause I could be wrong and you could be in full-on flowering mode

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Unfortunately at this time of the year in NSW it is possible that they are going into flower, particularly with a sexually mature plant that came from a much longer light cycle into the current outdoor light cycle, as of 3-weeks ago if I understand correctly, which is effectively the same as switching the lights to 12/12.  Different strains and local conditions will impact on the likelihood, but all you can do is keep an eye on them over the next few weeks to find out.  If you can get a few extra hours of artificial light on to them every day, that will ensure that they either remain in veg, or revert to it. 


Same thing happened to me last year, some went back to veg by themselves, one I helped with solar lights, and 2 others finished flowering out in November.  Hoping yours turn out to just be pre flowers.

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