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Transformer issue


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Had a bit of an issue with the light in the tent today - it didn't fire, just a light glow. Running the light to the transformer, and it has both an MH and and HPS toggle, currently under MH lighting. There was no hum coming from the transformer either. Flicked it over to HPS and it fired up, ran etc, flicked back to MH and it stayed running. Guessing there's some sort of transformer issue, why is there a toggle between the two lighting types though? If it stays an issue will I be able to keep it on HPS, or is that going to be a problem since it is the MH light? Guess I will have to keep an eye on it to make sure it comes on each night now either way.
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You shouldn't run a MH globe with the switch on HPS.


The first thing I would try is a new globe. I believe the difference is that MH globes have the starter in the globe while HPS have the starter in the ballast (or something like that).


TRANSFORMERS - More Than Meets The Eye!


Naycha :peace:

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Thanks for the reply Naycha, although the globe is working fine once I flick the switch over to HPS - basically I switch it on and nothing happens, no noise coming from the transformer (ballast is it?) flick to HPS and it fires into life like its supposed to, flick back to MH and it stays humming and the light stays running. Happened again for last nights power on. Still running no problems today being on MH all night. Bought the gear over a year ago but it's only been operational 10 days and so globe (600w grow lush) only has a couple of hundred hours on it this far.

Obviously it's bad to be firing the light this way, and the other issue is stealth - can't be going to the grow room each night to manually get the light started easily.

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Why is the lamp firing and staying on if it's flicked over to HPS (and back once it's running) if it's rooted though? Not questioning the answer, but it seems weird it will fire up at all. Plus I'm growing with a friend who is adamant it's the transformer not the globe since it can fire up, and wants to take it to a sparkie mate to fix.

In any event, until a new globe arrives can I keep doing what I am without breaking anything or should I plug the HPS globe in for the few days instead? (And since that's a growlush one too hope it lasts...)

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to the folks saying growlush sucks arse... yeah, it does.


but not quite as bad as ya saying... 4 globes dead within a month? you're doing something wrong.


Yeah, ive blown a growlush mh, but thats 1 out of 5(the other 4 never died as long as i had them, i replaced them), and if its blown, it just flickers, it doesnt go to a low glow...


id be willing to bet if you put that bulb in another ballast, it'd fire up straight away.


Are you perhaps using a mag bulb in a digi ballast or visa versa?

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