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First outdoor grow(auto & reg) - need advice!

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Hi guys 
Just started my first grow 3 weeks ago with 2 chronic seeds. They were doing well until one of them seems to have some nutrient burn. Ive got them in some vege & herb potting mix from bunnings in a small pot (i know this is bad).
Im going to be transporting them(if they live) in a week or so as they are up to their 3rd set of leaves..
Will be using Yates dynamic lifter potting mix with about 30% perlite added and moving them into large pots(20L or larger? plz advise) that they will live in permanently(i hope).
I cant grow directly in the ground so this is how i have to do it, dont want it to get too complex so i jst want to stick to soil for my first grow..if you guys have any advice on things i can add(that u can get at bunngings) please do!

On to another question - Ive got some vision amnesia auto & delicious cheese candy seeds that i want to start up. Im thinking of starting them in a huge pot also as ive read they dont like being transfered? 
Learning from my prev mistake with nute burn i will get some seed starting potting mix. I plan to set up large pots with the same medium (yates dynamic lifter + perlite) and then putting maybe a fist size(or more) seedling mix in the middle
of the pot and planting them in that. Is that a good idea so their first few weeks/roots wont get burnt by nutes or should i do the autos directly into the yates + perlite because it claims to have "slow release furt that doesnt burn plants"??

Any help would be appreciated! 

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thanks for the help (or lack of)

I went with using Yates potting mix with dynamic lifter + perlite (75/25 ratio) - moved them and tried to remove as much of the old soil and planted em in 20L buckets with drainage holes drilled in the bottom. 
Hopefully this works better n will wait a few weeks to c if this is how ill start my autos 

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Hi Zeeibi21


The best way to get the information you want is to have a look around this site, There are a number of threads and articles about the various types of soil available along with personal "mixes" etc etc. Cannaversity is great. Some of the stuff is pretty basic but there is also plenty of great practical information. 


I use Osmacote Premium because its the best quality(fine mix not much in the way of big pieces) I could get from Bunnings. I use a 25ltr bag plus a 5Ltr of Perlite. I am not that keen on the added nutes in the potting mix as I like to add my own.  Adding nutes at three weeks seems a little early especially if there a nutes in the soil already. I started my auto's in seedling mix and then replanted to final pot after approx 2 weeks. They have been in the pots for about 5 days  and are now showing real signs of growth. Although after checking this morning one appears to have not grown much at all but I suspect its in the process of establishing its  root system. The other two have shown marked signs of growth so seem to have been fine with the re-plant...having said that...just about all the stuff I have read tells me not to handle the seedlings too much so if you are re-planting from a small container be very careful. I put the container in place after cutting away the bottom. Once in place I then cut the rest of the container away. I managed to do this without disturbing the seedling too much. I also used a weak solution of Miracle grow to help prevent transplant shock. I have used this in the past and it really helps to minimise the shock to the seedlings.


As far as putting your seeds directly into the final plot using your method. I was thinking I would try the same with my next Auto


Good Luck                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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Gday. You're right about auto's, they need a great start and don't like being transplanted. So jiffy pots, pellets or rockwool to start, then straight into the final pot. I lke to begin feeding autos from the start, but I use an inert medium.


As for simple, I suggest soil is the least simple of all mediums. Using a proven system is the way to go imo. If you wanted to use a medium that retains water in a similar manner to soil, then peat or maybe coco is prob the way to go. It is a great idea to head down to your local hydro shop, they will be able to guide you into a simple outdoor grow.


Have a great grow


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The autos have arrived :D
gna plant 1x amnesia haze and 1x candy cheese

Im going to do them up in 20L buckets in the same mix of 15L yates potting mix with dynamic lifter + 5L perlite and about 2 fist-size deep hole counter sunk with seedling mix by brunnings. Anything else i should add for the autos?

Can anyone thats done a soil grow reccomend some simple n easy nutes to add when flower starts? or should i feed also while they vege even tho the soil has furts in it already? 

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If you want control, and a good grow medium for autos, Ford hit the nail on the head, go the coco, and use coco specific nutrients.  Auto's need a light medium that the roots can develop quickly and unimpeded, and they can also get hungry from a fairly early age.  They have a very short veg period, so being able to maximise growth during this period is essential.  An expert soil grower could probably still achieve good results, but if you are like me and don't understand how to use soil well, go for a hydroponic medium and nutrients.  Some autos are lucky to produce 1 oz, try growing them in soil, especially store bought potting mix, and you could be lucky to end up with 5 grams instead.


If you don't have a local hydro store, go to ebay and find a block or bag of premium buffered coco, and a 1 litre set of decent brand coco nutrients, and you're on your way.


If you really want to go soil based, try mixing some premium potting mix ( I use Searles) with good coco, perlite, and worm castings, then supplement every few waterings with coco specific nutrients.  Or, search the site, there are some posts on soil mixes from experienced growers.

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