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Royal Queen Seeds Diesel Auto Outdoor Grow journal

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Gday All,


Jadcla here with a proper grow journal :)


hope u all enjoy, sit back and enjoy the show :)


Seed Planted - 10/09/2014

Seed emerged from soil - 15/09/2014

Soil - Just normal stuff (should have perlite but didn't bother with this run)

Pot - 15L Black pot

Nutes - None for now but moving onto canna veg when the time comes and then canna flower.


So today the seedling is on day 10... to me it looks as though it may be a little stunted and also the leaves look a little "dry"... Oppinions?  

I believe this a) may be from low humidity or B) the black pot is soaking up the heat and making the roots hot? oppinions much appreciated! I have also put a pillow case around the pot to reflect some heat...


here are some pics :)


post-46546-0-54878900-1411605849_thumb.jpg          post-46546-0-98228300-1411605864_thumb.jpg


I will be online to answer questions and recieve feedback and will have another update at day 14 or if something seems wrong!


Peace all





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Hiya jadcla, nice to see you're back and posting a journal :thumbsup:


Hmm quiz. awright i would be sprinkling dolomite and if it doesn't come up quick enough some magnesium  and wateirng with gogo :D but maybe mix in some cow manure when they are bigger? OR maybe scoop em out and put them in some higher quality or amended mix?

Hope this helps and doesnt wreck it for ya :bongon: but that's probably what I would do lol

Peace and good gardening!

Faith :sun:

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Ah, I was thinking maybe the soil/potting mix they were in was in need of raising if (being @ 5ish) and reckon the 7.5ph water would maybe bring it up when watered with plain water feeding, then thought maybe it would be better to do this gradually with dolomite as it would feed some calcium and magnesium into the mix.  then I thought they are small so it may be better to carefully remove them and get the soil ph right and pop them in for good. 

I don't know much about autos except that they go hard when they go so I've read  lol

How much are you watering?


Faith :sun:

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Hi all!


Ok so,


I have just changed my potting mix to something a little more neutral! :) a Ph of 7 :) (as faith suggested)..  it turns out that the seed raising mix I was using was a Ph of 4 :s.. a little weird I thought.. and the other potting mix in the pot with it was a Ph of 5... so now I have gone and re potted :) praying it has the least amount of stress possible.. I have also given a light dose of Cannazyme to break down any dead roots in the soil, as the soil I am using is out of my vege garden but it is nutrient rich but also has dead roots so I'm hoping the Cannazyme will break down the dead roots and convert to available food :) 


It seems to have coped well so far, as its out in the sun and still perky as ever!


As well as the curled edges it also has some copper colour to leaves as you will notice in the pics. I put this all down to the Ph being around the 4.5-5 mark and causing nute blockout and other complications...


Here are the pics, first pic is true colour and second pic looks pale green as the sun reflection was making it look that way.


post-46546-0-41197200-1411786999_thumb.jpg  post-46546-0-39607800-1411787009_thumb.jpg


Peace guys! I hope to get a few more responses as this is my first auto grow and is all a learning curve :)






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Good to see you posting again and great to see an auto diary.

How many hours of light does your auto receive ..........

In my personal experience with autos outdoor I find a straight soil to be a little dense for them fast growing roots that autos have .

Some things to lighten the density of the soil that I use are for example are mushroom compost ,perlite , vermiculite , straw , and a combination of composted materials including vege scraps, grass clippings and horse shit.

I don't pay particular attention to the ph of the soil or the mix of above mentioned materials I just concentrate more so on achieving a light fluffy kinda medium if that at all makes sense .

Ill water them with Gogo juice and nitrosol once a week and plain water every 2nd day during vege , them during flowering just some potash at the start and some dynamic lifter food for roses (slow release) at around the 3rd week

THe other alternative is a coco based medium used outside and watered with coco based nuietrients only then I would be worried about ph levels

Pot or hole size is pretty crucial, generally I have found a deeper hole/ pot size is more essential then wide for example a hole 600mm deep by a radius of 200mm would be a far better yielding plant than a plant in a hole/pot that say was 400mm deep by a radius of 350mm.

I also have found better results by not transplanting just starting and finishing in the same hole or pot

Hope some of this helps you


Watching with great interest

Peace and karma u deserve

Edited by D.R.S.D
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