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The objective here is to compile a list of:


INDICA DOMINANT / INDICA LANDRACE (sedative/stoney/couchy effect)

HIGH THC POTENCY (the higher the better THC, not concerned about other cannabinoid levels)

FEMINISED seeds that are purchasable at seedbanks and which are available in feminised form.


Basically, in certain other parts of the world they have clones which you can get from reputable dispensaries which are tried and true for certain traits.

Here in oz, due to prohibition, we do not have that luxury, so, somebody who needs to make RSO in a hurry will need to grow a variety (ideally 5 or more) of different high THC indica doms, thus, taking plant numbers and the necessity of haste into account, FEMINISED will be the way to go.


If you have had experience of a feminised seed producing extremely potent couch lock which you ordered from a seedbank, pls post it up!... And lets make a database :)

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Remember, we are looking for HIGHEST THC INDICA dom strains, for making the most potent oil... If there was a variety of indica and sativa dom in the phenos, maybe thats not the best strain for this list...


And pls post name of breeder too, something like this:




.DINAFEM diesel

.BIG BUDDHA freeze cheese'89

.CONOISEUR GENETICS grand daddy white

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Southern Star Seeds - GG Allin




A full throttle brutal knockdown stone. As good as it gets.


The most Indica dominant variety in the collection.


The motherplant was a strain called Charles Cosby ( LA Affie x Deep Purple Doja) and the father was a Lapis Mountain Indica ( Afghanistan Landrace Indica x Deep Chunk). This power hitting combination of Indica strains produces a very narcotic high, not for the faint hearted.


Performs exceptionally well indoors in a variety of grow mediums, but stand back and give it room outdoors as it will take up all the space it can get.


Just like its namesake was in the punk music scene, this is the real deal. Big yielder of frosty nugget badness.


Grow Environment: Best Indoors but stand back and give it room if outdoors as it takes over its grow space.


Flowering Time : 8-9 weeks



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Fair point, I missed that.


Try this:


Humboldt Seed Organization - Bubba Kush 2.0




Bubba Kush is one of the best Indicas in the world. Grows like a compact bush with very dark coloured broad webbed leaves, and sour coffe indica smell and taste.


HSO has reworked this line specifically to bring a higher yield, making this attractive lady even more inviting. She likes dry conditions, being quite resistant to drought, a reminder of her origin in the Hindu Kush mountains of Afghanistan.






World of Seeds: Landrace Indica Collection Feminized Weed Seeds




8 Potent Feminized Beans at One Low Price

Afghan Kush - Intense Power & High Yields

Pakistan Valley - Indoor Perfection!

Ketama - Extremely Resinous & Hashy

Brazil Amazonia - Medicinal Weed from the Rainforest

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