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Nutrient advice and general ideas on setup


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Hi guys,


Im selecting nutrients for a mist and a fog set up.


Ive done a lot of reading yet im no closer to a choice. Obviously I want to stay away from sediment and price is important, first set up costs etc.


Fog systems are stand alone in 30l buckets, nute solution will be static in the bucket with the fogger doing its thing. Spray system is run through mister sprays and drains back to a sump where its pumped back to the sprays, drain uses gravity, nutes are to be recirculated in an on off pattern to be decided.


Total mixed volume for foggers will be around 4-5l per bucket I think, so 12-15l total. Spray system is still in construction and im open to suggestions however I don't believe it requires a great volume to run, probably less than 20l.


Ive not used a Hydro system before and im all new to liquids, im looking for advice on nute selection and how much nutes I will need approximately.


Fog buckets run 1 plant each, spray system is 4 plants in a 60l tub with two tubs (8 plants) sump is shared between the tubs.


I also need to purchase a tent, ive been thinking 5x5 or 6x6 but im concerned with the height of only 2m using a 600w Gavita pro, ive considered building an enclosure but so far this seems very expensive.


Last question, Co2. I want to use bottles as this seems the best way, what size and where from etc,


Thanks for any help guys, basically just need to choose nutes and tent and get guidance on Co2 hardware.



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I'd have to agree with SB, your 'foggers' sound very much like an aeroponics setup. A problem with such systems is blockages with the 'foggers' as the nute content can form a film on component surfaces. When the fluid is not running this film can dry making a crust and blocking jets

Also CO2 setups, from all reports, are expensive and quite technical in their setup. With adequate airflow/exchange it would seem unnecessary.

I have in the past experimented with a vinegar and bicarb mix to increase the CO2 levels but found little to no difference.


Again I'd have to agree with SB, start simple and learn. There is lots to learn. I've known a few who spent up big, only to fail. They had all the best equipment but very little knowledge on growing a plant indoors.



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ive thought about adding Co2 u can buy or use to be able to buy tablets and now i see there is a product on ebay like a Co2 sheet u mist once everytime u go into the grow room but i thinks its pretty much another sales tactic


u can buy small Co2 cylinders on ebay for aquariums i dont know if they have the same fitting for the regulator but might be worth checking out, u can run a hose from the regulator to the back of a small circulation fan this will distrabute your Co2 to your plants, its all a matter of timing tho

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