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What the Hell is going on here

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Hi all I haven't been around for a while but have kept a grow going in my wardrobe  

All good until now?

these plants are clones of plants grown from seed   the seed was from last years stressed out females which (no hermie in sight) produced seed?

Anyway my issue

I had a lot of little white bugs going hard in the wardrobe  I tried  detergent  powdered milk and garlic  olive oil plus water spray   they laughed at it  so I used white oil  and black and gold bug spray to get them under control

I am about 10 weeks into flower  and look at this  there are little white like pollen sacks? on the heads and between some branches

I thought it was like the bugs nesting   or has the plant gone hermie?

I have no idea  only 1 of the 3 is doing it  the one that was closest to the door   maybe light leaked in   and turned it?

what should I do   let it finish flowering or pull it ................I think its plant matter as I pulled a small infected bud off and it seems all plant not bug stuff  

Anyone seen this before and advice please



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