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best way to control temp in grow tent?

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Hey guys and gals.starting a long awaited herb grow in a 1.2 x 1.2 2m grow tent.have been doing abit of research on the best way to keep grow temps stable ect fan speed controllers,thermo controllers,digital thermo controllers which most are growlush brand and i've heard not so good things from them.more looking to just control temp by intake and exhaust fan.I got put onto this by a mate.sms 4 amp hybrid fan controller but it's just alittle out of my price range for the size of the grow.can anyone else reccomend a product like this but abit less on the back pocket also if you have had good luck with the fan speed controllers and thermo controllers let me know.thanks for any input.
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If you ring a refrigeration company an ask them for a price on a ,Brand name is a Pen thermostat with a temp range of { 0c to 40c or 50c} price should be around the $60 to $70 mark or ask if they have a cheaper Brand that will do the same job in that temp range.


It will have 3 power  screws to connect  the wires to, get them to put a multi meter over them an to tell you what ones to use.


Or buy a power cord with three pin connection on both ends an get them to just cut the active wire about 2 meter in from the power plugs an connect the cut active wire to the 2 terminals.eg= if you have  terminal number 1connect one end of the cut active wire to that an the other end of the wire to either terminal 2 or 3 depending on which one they tell you to connect them to,But it would be best to just get them to wire it up for you it would be safer in the long run.


But with all that said it would most likely be cheaper to just buy a temp controller,but the one that I have suggested  to you will last you a life time.



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