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Why are my plants growing so ssslllooooowww


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Hey guys


 Ok so firstly, yes I do understand how broad of an answer im going to get but maybe someone out there can point me in the right direction.

I was just looking back at the start of my grow diary and I started my grow in early July. Its been almost 2months and my plants are probably only 40cms high.


I have made a few rookie errors in those 2 months such as letting the seedlings stretch too much which required my to repot them, I had a pretty bad PH problem followed by a bad calcium deficiency and I've only recently started feeding my plants with full strength nutes due to all these problems. 


Am I being impatient given all the dramas I've had or does something seem off?


The plants are quite bushy but they dont seem to want to grow up.


Im feeding them with

nutrafield coco a+b


gogo juice





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hey man.


What's ya pot size and how often do you feed/water? are you letting the coco dry out between feeds?

a few (non hps/led) pics would help with diagnosis. :)


Hey capt

My pot size at the moment is 1 litre and I water every second day. I was watering until I got a lot of run off but I've recently cut back on the amount of water I've been giving them because I have a feeling they were starting to drown (the leaves were drooping)

Hey mate pics will help,


But why are you feeding cal/mag with coco specific nutes?

Hi Frank

Should I not be combining cal/mag with coco nutes? I've just added the cal/mag because I started to get a pretty bad calcium deficiency.


I got no idea... but why not ask these questions in your grow thread so its nice and easy to see what has been going on... just keeps things tidier IMO.. :)

I totally agree billy, however I've asked a few questions on my grow thread but havent really had any replies yet so I thought I'd just ask in specific areas of the forum.

Also I'm just freaking out due to it being my first grow haha

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slow growth my guess is they could be rootbound

also wat ph u serving

runoff is the key in coco

have u flushed them at all in the time u had them in them pots?

id recomned a good phed flush if u have been lacking runoff

as FR said with a quality coco specific there should be no need for cal mag addative

maybe if u are running reverso ozmosis water

ive never used cal mag in my entire coco growing life

all the best

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