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Brown leaves on seedlings? Any ideas please?

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Indoor / Outdoor: Indoor

Growing Medium: Cocco

Growing Style: Hand Water

Watering / Feeding Frequency: When required

Nutrient Strength (PPM / EC): 1.2

PH Levels: 5.8 - 6.0

Temperature / Humidity Levels: Good. lol.

Air Flow / Fans etc: Good Flow

Lighting Type (CFL)

Total Wattage: 80 Watt Twin

Growth Stage: Veg

Plants Age: 6 Weeks

Cannabis Strain: Northern Lights


Hi all.


Just about ready to fire these baby's up, but just want to find out what's going on with these brown, drying and dying leaves. They still have good healthy growth at the tops.

Not sure wether to just cut these leaves off and them get em going under the 600 or what.

If there is a major problem, I'd like to knock it on the head first so I don't lose em all.


Any advise would be great. Cheers



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yes, cut the leaves off

good news, with the new growth looks healthy


you are growing in 100% coco, how often are you watering?

Coco holds heaps of water, you could be over watering


What nutrients are you using, brand/strength?

When you water, are you getting the leaves wet - that can cause some discolouration.


my thinking is, one of those above is related to your problems

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I'm using Nutrifield Coco nutrients with an EC .08 - 1.0. 100% Coco.


Do you think it's better to add a bit of perlite when I pot them up?


Not getting nutrient on leaves.


Overwatering might be the problem. There in a spot without a lot of ventilation, (temp),

and seem to stay damp for quiet a while. Thinking about it now, the larger ones that dry right out before watering, don't seem to have the problem. 


There about ready to go into large tent to start growing, so I'll give em all a good trim and fire em up. 


I'll keep an eye on the watering and see how we go. 



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Yep. Ita pretty cool and damp in the shed this time of the year.

I'm sure it'll clear up once they get in the tent under the 600.


Would yours advise keeping the grow space a bit warmer during the light off hours until the weather improves?


I haven't done an indoor for about 25 years. Can't remember what I done.


As I said, the shed that the grow space is in is quite cool this time of the year.


I'm probably getting quite a lot of fluctuation in temperature between lights on and off.



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