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Taller pots vs Wider pots

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Have seen alot of different opinions when it comes to this, Have heard that indica should be in short and wide pots and sativa should be in tall and deep pots... At the moment with my second grow i am hitting my space limit because i am using wider shallow pots, i would like to move to the taller deeper pots to allow more room, but also thought it would help with growth anyway..

Im thinking of trying those typical buckets you get from bu***ngs that are 20L or so, usually come in white but have seen some black ones too.


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If it helps, I was watching a Strain Hunters video of Orange Hill, Jamaica, a couple of months back.

They used car tyres, with one side wall cut out. So they had wide, shallow pots on top of shitty looking ground. I'm sure they mention they were Sativa's somewhere in the video.

There just using what they have, maybe the reason, but they get results.

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