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Northern lights vs Mazar vs ? for outdoor.


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Hi guys! Im back for the summer :)...

Well Ive decided to chuck one plant in this year and get her pretty big like I do prety much every year....

Im not quite sure whether I should go with mazar which ive previously grown or get some northern lights by sensi. I like squat bushy plants.

The mazar smell near flower was quite strong and has quite a pugent odour... I also got some damn mould on her that I lost about 2 OZs but she was a shortish flowering plant which was good. It was just the stupid sydney rains that came I guess............but it was a fantastic smoke. Almost tooo strong.

if someone can compare northernlights by sensi, or DP mazar please give me some insight.... I need something with a good yield. Indica.... Squatish (mazar is good for that, grows like a small christmas tree branching)....

Which has the better yield? and what is like comparing smoko? bushy branching....

Or feel free to add some pretty hardy indica outdoor with nice heavy yields, short flowering time to prevent mould if possible.... good odour control, strong nice knockout smoko...

Cheers! smoky

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