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Tasman health cannabinoids

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Was on Facebook before talking to the CEO and founder of the company.


What a total douche, has no actual sense of what his company stands for or his being an ignorant prick and playing dumb.


I was questioning him back and forth on his company not in a aggressive way or polite, just straight forth.

Most comments left from other users were just plain stupid, not even reading the article posted.

Troy mention he poured his life savings into this company, but you go to the website and I quote.


Troy Langman - CEO

On seeing reports in the media of the effectiveness of Cannabinoids, with evidence both scientific and anecdotal overseas - Troy decided to establish the company and work towards formally re-introducing this important medicine to Australia. Troy's working working background includes commercial banking, fine jewellery manufacturing and business management in various fields.


So he's just any old sheep blinded by the media attention, also in articles read he has no intention to formally re introduce this medicine to Australia it's stated they have a market to cover over in Canada.


Apparently he lost the licence again recently because the hon Gary Hardgrave new administer for Norfolk Island cancelled the approval. Gary mentions the reasons behind cancellation.



Key findings

There is limited scope to privatise Government Business Enterprises as:

Norfolk Island is not a big enough market – the service delivery monopoly would be transferred from government to private enterprise.

Financial performance is unclear and lacks reliable data.

Investment requirements would be prohibitive.

The Norfolk Island Government relies on revenue from its business activities to fund day to day operations.

It is possible to introduce elements of competition or market pressure without completely selling off the business.

For many businesses a simple management outsourcing arrangement is considered the best option in the short term. This would ensure the business is run efficiently while still retaining the Government’s revenue stream.


Business specific findings

The lack of data makes it difficult to assess the ‘true’ position of businesses.

All earnings are remitted straight to the Government – no money is put aside for infrastructure maintenance or upgrades.

Day to day operations are directly controlled by the Government – including pricing/purchasing decisions.

Managers have no incentive to improve efficiency/profitability. There is a need to put in place appropriate incentive structures.

Many businesses explicitly or implicitly operate in an anti-competitive manner. This makes it hard for the private sector to participate in the market.

Privatisation is not a feasible option for any of the businesses at present. Put simply, there’s nothing to sell.

Elements of competition/market forces can be introduced through other means – e.g. management contract – and down the track (say, in five to ten years) privatisation may be feasible and/or desirable.

None of the businesses adhere to what can be termed ‘core requirements’ in regard to desired governance, reporting and operational arrangements.


Improvement recommendations

The businesses under review play a significant role in the fabric of Norfolk Island, and there are significant opportunities for their improvement. These include:


Implementing transparent and reliable accounts to assess their true financial position; implementing appropriate incentive structures to ensure that management operates in a profit maximising manner; and implementing clear governance structures.

Implementing core requirements with regard to governance, reporting and operational features that represent best practice for business operations.

Investigating optimal operating structures, which will differ for each business in question. This includes continuation of government ownership, private sector participation through the outsourcing of management arrangements, through the ‘proper’ implementation of GBE arrangements, or through the outsourcing of back office functions to third parties.

Establishing a commitment to move toward a more efficient, transparent and effective operating environment that will benefit the Norfolk Island community.

Effectively communicating goals, and desired outcomes to the Norfolk Island community.


It's stated at the top it run by the government so how can Troy say he's put his own money total bull.


He tried to save himself by saying it will create employment, jobs and opportunity, also will be donating money back.


I replied he needs workers otherwise no turnover typical, then told he he's donation will be refunded back at tax time douche.


By now we had exchanged a few messages and I was getting no answer to my Q, all I would get is be positive saleonnow, eventually he had enough I tried to send last msg through didn't work the douche deleted all previous post erasing our talk away from public eyes, then I can't contact him he blocked me lol.


This is a CEO and founder of the business Tasman health cannabinoids Troy Langman can't even have a heated debate on his so called business he invested so much in to


Troy Langman your a douche.

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