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How much do you pay in NSW for ya electricity?

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say i dont know

 there is a kinda formula gives you a ruff idea of the cost 

if add up your switched on elct. gear

use 1000 watts in 1 hour , thats 1 Kw/h


you might use 600w lite plus fan 80w  .680 Kw/h

x 18 hours = 12.24 Kw/h

maybe your elct. provider charge .35cent per Kw/h

12.24Kw/h x .35 = $4.28 per day for however many dsays

everyones use is different

lol its all in Cannaversity anyways i think



everyones is different

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Who are you guys using as your energy proividers.. I find their product data sheets deliberately confusing...how the fuck can peak be from 2 PM top 8PM... some are charging up to 32 cents for it...


I speak to guys in the US and they are getting 14cents a killawatt... we are paying double...such a  rip off...

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