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Is it ok to take cuttings from any/every plant?

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Hey everyone,

Noob question here; every article or discussion on cloning refers to a plant which has had cuttings taken from it as the 'mother plant' and it seems like most people only use one or two plants as the 'mothers', why is this? Is it ok to take a few cuttings from every plant in a grow?

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Also benefits of having a mother is knowing the generation stays the same as the mother giving more life out of a certain strain. When taking cuttings without a mother plant, over time the cuttings develop bad traits or disease that then pass on eventually weakening a once strong plant to its death. Generally a strain can be recloned 20-30 generations before problems.


Tip when cloning a flowering plant, make sure it's done before day28 of flower anything over is too old.

Also clone in early morning not late afternoon wait for lights to be on for 3-4 hours before cloning.



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can clone any part but....... if you clone a branch you will grow a branch, if you clone the top of the plant then you will grow another plant. eg; the cohla on main stem is always larger than cohla on a branch.

if you want a mother plant then you need plant that has not been crossed with auto flowering strain.


saw pic online few years ago, of northern lights mother plant in Amsterdam supposedly 25yrs old. so how long can mother live? how long is piece of string?

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