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First attempt at a proper grow

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Doing some reading through the forum and I'm excited because it looks like its pretty easy to get some good seeds :D so much content to get through. Some noobie questions I can't find though. These autoflower seeds sound awesome, would they grow healthy in this cold QLD weather or should I wait till it gets warmer? Should autoflower plants have 24 hour lighting since their flowering start time will not be effected by it? I don't see the point in reducing light if light isn't a factor for flowering, and I assume more light means faster growth. Is the flowering period always the same no matter how healthy the plant is? I'm not really aiming for high yield but high quality is obviously desired. All in all I'd be really happy if could get even 3 grams of sweetness.

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Auto's can be a bit finicky. They need a very good start in life and are generally fairly low yielding, additionally they require a lot more power consumption than photo varieties, potency may also be an issue, as they inherently carry the ruderalis gene. In saying that, there are positives, for example, you can go in there after lights out with a torch and do some gardening, which is very handy, and you can go from seed to harvest in 60 days, strain dependent (this may also be achieved by starting a photo variety on 12/12 though anyway).


Winter is definitely the time to be growing, particularly in qld. Many growers will shut down over summer as it is difficult to maintain appropriate temps in hot weather.


You can leave autos on 24/0 but many people stick with the 18/6 schedule achieving good results.


Good luck with your first proper grow


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Good stuff... Autos seem ok, but i would go a regular strain... From what i understand 24 hours wont aid in development as opposed to 18/6 or 20/4 regimes. Though never have tested it myself.


Check my electricity cost calculator, more economical to grow a regular variety i reckon :)



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