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Multi stem/mouth plants

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Hi all, with the up coming outdoor season almost here. Friends of mine have been talking over a games of chess and a smoke. One of my mates ( older dude 60 yo + experienced grower ) bought up point of as he calls it, multi mouthing. I have searched the net for technical names and info however found very little. The idea behind it, is like scroging where you spread the girl out via tie down method. But you bend the stem to the ground, give it a small cut, put rooting powder on it, cover with soil and let it root. Which as he has said makes another mouth to feed, helps keep the plant stable as we can get done crazy winds that do brake branches, and keeps it low to the ground like a pumpkin vine.


Now I have looked for more info, but it's hard if you don't really know the tech name of any for it.


Has any one heard/tried this. Any info out there. Or any thoughts, as it does sound like a fun thing to try. However not a lot of info only talk about it. I could see problems like, close to ground heaps of bugs and animals, rot from wet ground of plants heavy with weight, access for maintance.

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IMO I wouldn't put a cut in the stem. When dose your mate do this? would think cause more problems than benefits, when I get an open wound I wrap in wet cloth and bandage her up. Agree with tying her down low avoid detection and damage, good tip use fishing line and sinkers to weigh the arms down low and keep pushing up with the new growth.


IMO bushies have huge root systems need it to support/grow massive trees. To encourage a bigger root system feed around the plant instead of directly on it make the roots search for nutes.



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layering can work very well with the right genetics from my exp and can easily double yield...big fast growing sativa are most suited to it....in a nutshell the more roots u can get growing from a plant the more food it can supply to the growing buds. layering increases the root mass alot if done right but one negative is the more roots sucking water up the more you need to water.


:peace: MongyMan

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