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Where can I get this Florescent lighting or similar in Australia

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So I am looking for a florescent light similar to the one linked below in Australia, I cannot seem to find it anywhere and I need to set-up a seedling/young plant training chamber A.S.A.P, I appreciate any tip's on finding something similar or an alternative.



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It's just a cupboard up high in a room about 4ft highX6ft longX2.5ft deep, I want to start about 20 or so at a time for a few weeks to a month/month and a half to allow growth + training before I move them out to the great outdoors.


Obviously I am not concerned about using the entire area I just want to do the best I can for them until I can afford to order the 80w Phillips CFL.

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20 in an area that size? There won't be much room for 'training'

I train mine under a scrog net but my area is 3x3x3m and there is only one plant



I'd say you'd need some good air flow through that space for two reasons, 1)20 plants are going to excrete a fair amount of waste into the air and this needs to be exchanged and 2)rapid airflow will make the plant stem flex and this will strengthen the main stem to hold the weight. You need space to allow this to happen.


Just some advice


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I will be moving the majority out early after I have topped them once and they have grown to the 4th or 5th node, I will keep one or two to train extensively before moving out to the wild. Airflow I will work out in a week or two as it won't be a problem for a while but a fan will fit easy. By the way your plant is massive if it really fills a 3m square room like it seems to in the photo lol, I don't expect anywhere near as much off a single plant which is why I am going to plant a high amount.

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