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Bonza free seed promotions

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Hey guys, just a quick query on Bonza and their free seed promotions. I have emailed them also, but thought I would ask here for feedback too. Ordered some seeds about 3 weeks ago when they had one if the free seed promotions running, and actually ordered extra to bump me up to the next level of free seeds. And given the number coming I went with stealthy shipping rather than the cheaper option with no tracking - the difference was about $8 for the cheap option but $42 roughly for the option I went with. The seeds I ordered arrived no problem, but as for the freebies, didn't get any at all. Was this a one off and they forgot, or is this something others have also experienced? It was my first order with them, had used demon previously but given they didn't have any free seed promotions going and their payment system wasn't working, went with Bonza this time.
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Yeah I did get about 10% off the seeds I ordered, thought it was just the strains or number of seeds I had ordered that was the reason. In any case, have had a reply from them stating the free seed offer I was expecting and was promoted on the website until about 3 days after the order had shipped expired 2 weeks before I ordered. Also mentioned that was outlined in their newsletter (that at that stage I wasn't subscribed to). So bloody dodgy practice but not like I thought it was - my initial thought had been don't include the free seeds with new customers and just appologise to those that bother complaining and send them to those people after the fact once caught. Guess not, but still if they are running things this shady I won't be ordering from them again!

It was purely because of the free seeds offer I put through a larger order not a small one in the first place, spent triple what I was going to.

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A few weeks ago they had big discounts instead of free seeds. Though the free seed banners were up on the website still. I know this cos I got fooled and wasn't til I was checking out I realised the discounts.

I ordered when the 25% off sensi seeds promotion was on.... Bought two seeds.


I did not expect any freebies, perhaps they sent me freebies by accident ??

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Post up this in the Bonza forum too, gives them a chance to reply in public. Sponsors can't reply to threads in the rest of the forum.

If I can find it I will (posting from my phone and bloody hard to navigate to find where their section is, and have issues with the ozstoners website on the computer).
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