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Ordering seeds in queensland

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So I am going to be ordering 25 or so seeds via Attitude Seedbank and was just wanting to hear some other people's experiences. I am ordering to the house next door which has no one staying there but still regularly receives mail for at least 4 of the previous tenants so I know thing's being posted to that address is not unusual.

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They get through every time undetected....


People have this funny thing in their mind that the entire world is watching them when they are ant on a mountain.

Imagine how many things... guns, drugs, reptiles, food, child pornography goes through customs every day in this country.... just in freight let alone mail and small satchels.

That tiny little seed pack is the very least of their concern in the grand scale of things they have to worry about.

If somehow they even found your pack of seeds containing organic matter, they just throw it in a bin along with the other 400 envelopes they chucked out that hour.

They really couldn't be bothered taking the time to even send you the letter saying 'naughty naughty'.... they have soooo many other bigger fish to fry than some little internet dude growing a few mullies in his closet (no offence, thats just how they look at it)

Spending your money on quality genetics is your concern imo... not the shipping risk.

And on another note, seedbanks make a living sending seeds to countries where they are not allowed.
If they didn't have a successful delivery method of getting them from A to B... they would go out of business ;)

Happy shopping... +1 for Sannies Seed's


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