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Ok about 15 yrs ago I grew some hydros it took me a while to find good clones but when I did they boomed. The only problem I have no idea what they were but they had some distinct properties (I think anyway)

The grew about a meter to 1.2 high an grew them over 12 weeks 6-6. I got about 4 oz plus per plant. The buds were big lots over 30 cm an thick an solid biggest weighing an oz an a half.

The weirdest thing about them an maybe biggest clue is the shade leaves just had 1 finger. Just 1 really long finger with maybe 2 tiny little ones either side of it.

Hopefully the 1 finger is a known strain if not an old one.

Oh an I grew them in a big tank with nutrients circulating. 18 plants under 3 600w globs. 1 row o f 6 only reached half potential because the other plants smoothed them but still ended up with 50 odd oz

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sounds like you found a mutant seed that managed to grow into a strong vigorous plant, sometimes in a batch of seedlings you will get a few mutants or different phenotypes. So if this is the case it's a matter of searching through seedlings, although some strains have been bred to keep the mutant look like duckfoot strain. The plant could of had a deficiency that caused it to grow lacking the number of blades on the leaf, the pattern is usually 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11 with one blade leaves being the cotyledons and the 3 blade leaves are the first serrated leaves to form. Good luck with solving your mystery!

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