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What strain should I get

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Hi I live in Perth an it's gets quite hot here in summer i want to set up a small hydro set up an are wondering what's a good strain I regards to yield an quickness of turn around.

Also I have a shed it's about 6m by 6m but has poor ventilation and gets really hot in summer. Would 4 plants smell to much inside my house.

The mrs an I are just sick if buying it and I've decided fuck this lets grow some weed so any advice about a good set up would be great to.


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Thanks that solves one of my queries of how to not have to grow from seed all the time. I would be happy with probably 2 plants to harvest at a time me an the mrs smoke about an oz a week so this was were me question about strain and yield come from.

Would still like a good yielding plant though an something that handles summer heat

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