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1st Grow How Long Till Flower?

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Hi Guys From Tasmania.. :pimp:


My 1st indoor grow in a 1x1x2m grow-lush grow tent with a 400w HPS light. From seed this is around one month old smells nice i am curious as to if someone can help with some advice and also advice when to flower this girl.. I have been on other forums and hardly had any replies.. I will provide pics for you all to checkout. I am using Dutch master gold range one. for veg and nirvana solution for flowering when it comes along.... I am using premium soil mix with perlite. the PH levels at around 6.5. all help n advice welcome thanks in advance guys. :)   from what i know this is a indica strain. :)



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Welcome Taz-stoner.


Hard to say when to flower but you could probably give it a wee or two more veg and just gently bend the plant over if it gets too tall.


Don't forget to feed it plain water now and then.


A desklamp with a cool white cfl globe provides good lighting for taking photos of your plants.


Naycha :peace:

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Like above I would top it once you can find vids on how to so this on youtube or tutorial on cannaversity it's hard to stuff up. If you so allow like one week to bounce back. This will turn the one main cola into 2. The advantage is more surface area for light wich should increase yield.


Plants will double or triple in size during the first stages of flower. Take this literally coz it's the truth first run I done I had to take the hood off the hps and it was touching the top and sides of the tent lol !

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