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First time grow problems..:)

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Hey guys, first time poster, first time grower and long time smoker here.


Trying out a single plant cfl closet rig, hopefully I'll get a proper led rig at some point in the future, but for now the bunnings rig is where it's at.


The problem I'm having is that the plant has been outside since germination, just because I had no way of getting it to my place until now. So it's grown in a Far North Queensland climate and photo period for about 4 weeks now. Not great I know. It's been getting a ton of rain, maybe too much?

I'm not too sure but the first leaves that came up have gone fairly brown, you can sort of see them underneath the main leaves in the photo, and also on one of the main leaves there's a dark spot that looks a bit like rot maybe?


Anyway I'm not sure if it's salvageable, it's in the closet now with a solid 18/6 photoperiod, and it's a lot dryer but I'm keeping the plant well hydrated.


Does anyone have any insights as to whether it will live? Or should I start again?


Any help is greatly appreciated







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I never recommend pulling a plant except in extreme circumstances, you miss out on too many learning processes.


I would suggest less water for a start. Moist, not wet is the go.


Have you got sufficient air flow in the box?


Have you fed the plant? If so, what PH are you feeding the plant?


Read more from the forums, there is a lot of info here, from people more qualified to answer you than me on indoor growing. There is a lot more science to growing indoors than putting a seed in a pot and throwing water and food at a seedling.


I'd say that too much water is your major problem at the moment.

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Alright so I woke up this morning and went to check on my plant, it's looking pretty bad now, before there only seemed to be discolouration of one of the main leaves, now it looks like it has spread to the other main leaf but it's actually like a little hole in the leaf, I thought maybe they had been overwatered so I cut back, but now I'm starting to think they're getting burnt somehow?

I'm going to put the fan in today and give it a bit of a water, hopefully it hold on...


I've attached a photo, it's still pretty small but you can see the spots I'm talking about.


I'm only using 4x24watt cfl's, could they be burning the leaves at all?





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