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3 plants 3 problems? with pics

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Indoor/Outdoor: indoor
Growing Medium: cocco/perlite
Growing Style: hand water
Watering/Feeding Frequency: 3 days
Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC): ec 1.3
PH Levels:5.5 -6.5
Temperature/Humidity Levels: 25 - 30 40-50
Air Flow/Fans etc.: good flow
Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): mh
Total Wattage:600
Growth Stage: veg
Plants Age: 4 weeks
Cannabis Strain: 
northern light x bigbud


Hopefully my only problem is cal mag and over watering? plants were doing ok then I flushed at 3 weeks a big flush last one was with ph`d water they`ve barley moved since so close to a week now and now growth they look so sad. Gave them a very light watering with a little canna cocco a+b. I have 3 auto blue desiel in another tent which have been fed more or less the same and are going excellent. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance Gipsey.post-49246-0-05785600-1402044599_thumb.jpgpost-49246-0-48620000-1402044625_thumb.jpgpost-49246-0-72750000-1402044652_thumb.jpg

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They're massively hungry and your ph is off.  tbh what the ph stands at now is anyone's guess so I'd recommend flushing with plain water ph'd to 6.3 and then hit the plants with a full strength feed with a full strength dose of a cal/mag supplement also ph'd to 6.3 until you have a fair amount of run off.  That will clear everything out and get you back at square one which should fix them right up :)

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