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how to guerrilla grow in Australia

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hows it going         


my name is   secret      and i have something special for you   


i am one of Australia's best out door underground guerrilla grower    20 years growing    bush  


i am selling my  full 2014 grow report      for the cost of a smoke   just 25    Australian  


this is the most cutting edge   grow book/report      on the market in Australia  


topics covered  are  



1    strains, climate   &  seasons        where   ever you grow  in Australia  you gota know all this  


2     animal  protection  strategies    in depth  info on   individual animals  and how to stop them  from eating your crops  i cover all states all areas  


3      fertilising feeding the soil and plants   ,     cutting edge in depth methods for growing   big healthy plants   ,  on a budget or   got time and money  all scales of investment covered   , many different   methods  all cutting edge   this will blow your mind  how and what you can foo


4      police    , all the lasted   police detection  methods are covered   , how to hide your crop  what the police are using and can use up to now 2014    , how you can still pull of big time  how you can trick them  , how you can avoid getting busted


5   picking and finding spots    ,    what you need   to know about the area you want to grow  how tow pick a good sot   how to hide your tracks  and the latest cutting edge  methods used successfully about Australia      don't worry there is plenty of room  


6     growing the plants from seed   how to get them up  and germinated how to get them ready in pots and how to transplant  and how to tend to your crop


i just give you a broad spectrum and  Technics  and tools you can choose what ones you need most and which ones suit your needs  most


from everything to normal to far out biodynamic  and cosmic plant wizardry  this will blow you mind gets and girls    




i have learnt  and mingled with the best   like the old boys  ,and  Jamaican growers  , i am also part aboriginal and i live with Rastafari   this pdf is not to be missed          just give it a go you won't be disappointed    this is not to be missed folks    ,  this is years of knowledge   i have been at discussions at rasta smoking houses  , i have learnt  from the police directly  what they do and can't do  ,  i have learnt from the local legend  deep river russel       if  u heard of him      he pulls 200  pound a year    and sous  150 pound in winter   , thats another thing i am a winter growing specialist       but you have to buy my program  to find out more  


why am i doing this because i now am moving to Indonesia    ,     i am known by the police     they know who i am its doing my head in   i can't handle it any more   ,    i still grow and i am gearing up for a biggie this year   so you can trust i am on the wright side   if i get enough interest and sales i will make a video and a more formal book     i am just putting the feelers out here 



contact me here  as soon as i get   interest  i will formulate this   awesome not to be missed product 

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For a percentage of your sales I will edit the book for you to correct the multitude of grammatical and spelling errors it surely contains. 35% sounds fair as it is sure to increase your sales by at least 400% not to mention the reviews will be much kinder.


Naycha :peace:

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Just insert the cash into the cdrom/dvd drive... it will be converted to digital currency and sent directly to Pasha's computer. 


Better hurry, the pdf's wont sit on the shelf for long... especially considering the section on 'cosmic plant wizardry'... that stuff is pure gold!

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