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Do i have a hermi ?

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This is on one of my biggest / tallest plants, its day day 34 into flower and day 82 from seed... The first pic is of what looked like a cluster of sacks, i pulled it off and it did feel like 3 separate little balls but really squishy and crushed em didn't feel like actual seeds though... I could only get a quick pic as was running late for work but what do you guys think ?


2nd pic is of the actual full plant.





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Ok ended up sitting down and checking each plant today, spent a good 10 or so minutes inspecting them. The first one that has gone hermie had alot more little sacks on it, pictures below. I ripped all the sacks of that i could find, and then checked the other 2 plants, they didn't have any balls on them anywhere that i could see.


I think it may have gone hermie for a few reason, possibly the 40+c temps in was getting in veg state, and also because i trimmed the fuck out of all 3 of them a few days ago without waiting, so i might have stressed it out..

Can i still grow out and harvest my Hermie plant or will the buds be full of seeds now and un smokeable ?


post-53712-0-90274100-1400862600_thumb.jpg post-53712-0-59044600-1400862612_thumb.jpg post-53712-0-55731500-1400862622_thumb.jpgpost-53712-0-47841800-1400862633_thumb.jpg

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