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a idea on how to create femininzed seeds using only one autoflower pla

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So here is my idea. I don't want to waste a whole plant to create seeds. And I know it's basically pointless to take a clone from a autoflower. But what if I take two clones from a autoflower, spray one of which with collidal silver, and just leave it in a small contained area (away from my other plants) to let it pollinate the other clone? Yes they would be two small little auto clones that will run their course at the same time the mother does but I think this will work. Any ideas, opinions, advice, or tips would be appreciated! And by all means if this is ignorant or impossible or just plain won't work let me know so I don't waste my time and money!!! Thank you all for any output you may have :)
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crossing a plant to itself isn't a good idea as it locks in lots of traits a lot of which can be very bad.  it can be done using the method you described if there is no other choice for survival but you'd be far better off finding a second partner especially one of the opposite gender.

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