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More evidence that aspirin benefits plant health and yield.

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This came up in my Facebook news feed. I thought it might be relevant to cannabis growing:




I also noticed that there's a very old thread on this site about this very topic. It's interesting to see that this represents additional evidence to support the idea of using aspirin for plant health.




Just thought people might get some use from this. I don't know if it's worth trying myself, as I grow in a little cupboard which is very clean and I don't seem to have any problem with pests etc. Maybe this could help to protect against mold..?

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Not wanting to start another thread just for aspirin, hate to revive dead thread.


Been using Aspirin in nurseries to prolong the lives of cut flowers, I've been using it 

in my aerocloner as well, lots of string white roots, it also greatly reduce the incidence of stem rots.


Looking for best evidence? Experience is perhaps your best evidence.

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