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Fair enough, Just seems pointless imo adding that much phosphorus, still need to nump your potassium levels up which are far more important in flowering imo

As you know,ain't nothing written stone with growing this stuff and different strains different strokes. Where is the info about potassium being more important? Learning learning everyday.

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It was a report done by advanced nutrients, they did leaf tissue analysis on flowering cannabis plants and found a need for high level of K and higher than thought of level of ammonium nitrogen. I'm not quoting it exactly but went something along those lines has beena  while since i've read it. Just from my own general reading experience in horticulture i've found phosphorus the most over used chemical within horticulutrue/agriculutre and a big pollutant to waterways due to run off, is why i'm questioning the need for it. 

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Growth, N-P important, K not so important.


Flower, N-K important, P not so important.


I use Super, more for the 20% Calcium than the P content.


Any balanced  fert will have some of each of the important basics. Where they differ is when they are used gor specific purposes.


If you get good results, who am I to argue, go for it. Me , myself and I will follow science in plant nutrition.

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