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whats wrong here?

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Ok, I started these off in the sun, two days ago they were brought inside and put under a 400w hps luca grow.

Ever since they have taken on a wilt that I would expect from over fert problems, but, they havent had their first feed yet. Any suggestions as to what may be happening?? I was thinking light shock ???




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Thanks for the input! Woke up this morning and they are happy as larry...reaching for the light like nobody's beeswax.



Im watering pretty much every day. Im going to keep them in the same pots...lets call it a hexperiment.

Thanks again people, very much appreciated!

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They look a tad yellow but it might be the light.


If the pH is off it can cause a nitrogen lockout, which results in yellow leaves. If the pH is really out there will be burning. It's easy to fix, just flush with water that's around 6.0.

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Cheers dude! Im guessing we're having a ph issue coz there is a small (one mil by one mil) necrotic patch on one of the more vigorous plants.

Im not too worried at this point. Ive kept three outside, sort of a control-and they're doing extremely well, nice green growth, very vigorous.post-32912-0-01055200-1399351715_thumb.jpg sorry bout the strobe effect...im using a mag ballast.

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