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White Widow, Is she done yet ?

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I think I'd leave that for at least another 2 weeks. No colour in pistils, rule of thumb I use for outdoors when no loop is available is pick when 50% of the pistils are brown and the other 50% are half brown. Thats suposed to be peak, or at least thats how I remember it from cannabis botany, though its ages since I read it.

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Yo cheers for the great advice, I really couldn't tell you how long its been flowering but it would be nearly 2 months im thinking
I was a bit worried because i remmeber reading that with White Widow the pistols tend to stay white.

I also checked with a jewelers loupe at the top of the plant seems nearly 50% amber but the bottom is none.

General consensus is to wait so that is what ill do .
Cheers to everyone who replied.

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At the end of the day it's up to you how you like your buds, some people like to harvest early or late and so on..... The loupe and trichome method is only to determine the point of diminishing returns... ie... peak thc before it starts degrading.


Try out a few different times, find out what you like. Earlier harvest is more in the head, and later harvest is more body couchlocked.


Experiment. Just like chillis have a different flavour when they are green compared to red.

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If the head is half amber chop it now and leave the rest?


I like it CC...i reckon a week or two more (?) but like convexconepiece...shit man jus CC lol said maybe take the ones mos finished and give the lower flowers longer.  I'm thinking of doing that with an NHS thats been flushed...jsut gonna take the main cola and let the bottom buds fatten up a bit more for a coupla days. Watcha reckon?  Really Nice lookingplant vandle-nice growing :bongon:

all good things. f :sun:

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