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Odour control ONA bucket

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have not used O.N.A. as it is a covering agent vs a clean-scrub (elimination) of smells.

and you have to refresh the ONA as it evaporates.


"covering" the smell of Cannabis only makes it smell like cannabis and flowers/peppermint/whatever used to cover it up- IMO

Carbon scrubbers eliminate the cannabis smell. (full stop)


make a DIY carbon scrubber... works a treat and is set and forget for a few years vs months



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You can get carbon pellets or sheets at a pet store ment for fish tanks an alike.


use a PVC pipe size is dependant on plant numbers.. 4-5inch works well for a small grow.. And a computer fan fits nicely in the end of it.


easy DIY method

- Block one end PVC pipe with mesh.

-. Fill with fish tank carbon..

- Mesh the other end.. But not too firmly..

- Place in computer fans on both ends.. So one is sucking the other is pushing the air through.


you don't want too fine of a mesh either.. It is just so carbon pellets dont go everywhere.. A big holed flyscreen works well.


simple, easy, cost effective and works well for what it is... If you have many plants or a big grow.. Please do not try this as your only smell depletion.

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