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Last of the Crop - Confusion?

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This little lady is the last of my crop for this season and is currently just over 8 weeks into flower. This little girl has been racing along and appears to have matured some 3 weeks earlier than the others. it seems to have taken a long time to get going but once it did it seemed to outpace my other plants. I checked trichomes today and I have definite "clusters" of amber with the majority being milky in color. When examining it for other signs of maturity it appears to me to be ready.


The reason I am not sure as its Outdoor plant finished in 8 weeks? This was from a seed from an unknown mother however they were seeds that were "bred" rather than found in a bag(if that makes sense).


Looking at it closely this morning i think it could be pulled as soon as tomorrow morning if i had the chance, I would have started flushing over the weekend but its been 3 days since its last feed.


I am probably just being paranoid but I really want to make sure this one is harvested at the right time. The last one I got to maturity didn't get enough direct sunlight in the last part of flowering so the buds, while still being a good smoke, are very airy.








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After further looking and researching I found an article about Trichomes where it mentioned that when looking at them it is only the mushroom shaped heads that your really concerned about and that the "amber looking trichome-like hairs" are irrelevant. I am sure I have mistaken these "hairs" for degraded or different types of trichomes(God knows why!!)  and have thought them relevant when looking for amber trichomes indicating maturity :doh: . When I said in the above post that I had  "clusters of amber trichomes" that is what I was referring to.


I am pretty sure that I have been looking at them all wrong :unknw: :tantrum: . (this explains a few things :wallbash: ) This is a combination of in-experience, too much enthusiasm, cant see the wood for the trees and learning how to use a handheld microscope and of course, knowing what your looking at.


I have since with this new knowledge had another more careful look and what I am seeing is the occasional amber trichome on some parts of the plant. There is still about 70% milky with the rest mainly clear. This now makes a bit more sense and would think I can easily leave it another week possibly or more depending on reading the trichomes correctly. :shy:

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