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cfdl for seedlings ?

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Hi guys, I'm a noob and needed advise on the correct cfl to use on seedlings.I already have 6400 and 2700 cfl's ready to go but read somewhere the other day not to start seedlings on the 6400 because it to much.They went on to say use a 23 watt cfl to begin with.I'm confused, but if this is correct then when should i change to the 6400 or should i just start with the 6400 cfl.All advise welcome, and thanks


Widowman :thisbig:

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6400K (cool white) and 2700K (warm white) are the colour temperatures of the light produced by the bulb, this is not the same thing as watts. What you want for vegging is 6400K sometimes called cool daylight or cool white. The wattage well.. yes you can start seeds under a 23Wcfl but you'll rapidly require more lamps or higher wattage (all at 6400K for vegetative growth).

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Thanks Louise for getting back to me and thanks for the warm welcome earlier.Ok so i will start it off with the 6400k then, excellent.I went out today and got all the rest of my nutes and got some monsta bud as i have heard only good things about it.Tommorow i will finish off my grow room and start cracking the seeds.

Anyway thanks again for your help


Widowman :good:

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Yep. What Lou said.

I have been using 23w CFL's myself for clones. Does the job for me. Unfortunately mine are a little to red from my liking and old, so I'm doing the replacement thing.

Found 42w CFL's at Bunnings the other week, so I'm swapping out my many 23's for 2 x 42's. :)


Good luck Widowman. May your plants be bountiful!



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42W's Lenny? Which brand is that?


I know Bunnings does or used to stock Nelson 48W quad tubes in 5000K or maybe 5500K and 2700K... the 2 stores near are nolonger stocking them which is a real shame because they were a brilliant lamp.  I used to use them for seedlings and advanced clones (too much light for unrooted clones though), also use them in my ceiling fittings in the art room and spot lamps.

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