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Helicopters, infrared and outdoor growing.

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This is a old article from early 2000s but it still seems relevant although the tech has probably gotten better since then.






Anyways, I have always thought that the outdoor infrared cameras were a bluff.

Well it turns out it may not be bluff.


It's not flir as flir is only useful at night, and not even Barry cooper of never get busted talks about the method.


So basically my question is, is it for real or not?


This article is the only piece of information I can find out about it... But surely an ex police officer wold of spilt the beans by now.

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Another thing I would like to know if police hire private contractors with helicopters to look for plants rather than do it themselves?


I've seen a few helicopters lately circling round that look like they are private choppers.


I guess there's nothing stopping someone that owns a chopper to do that sort of thing anyway for their own gain.

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Well I found another site http://www.growopsolutions.ca/detection.html


At the bottom it says since 1992 they have had a satellite that can detect cannabis.


I think it's all propaganda myself. What do you think?

my friend was working for the CSIRO using satellites to find lantana based on the pigmentation of its leaves and flowers being different than natives. was very successful. unfortunately NSW cops heard about this and have implemented this method for helping find pot crops outdoors that was 4 or so years ago. Its expensive as you are renting a satellite and I'm not sure if the other states picked up on this but i know its doable.

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Cannabis puts out a higher heat signiture than the native bush plants, thats how they can use the Flir cameras.

They use an Infra- red camera to pick it up as a darker colour on their screen. This has been used for donkeys years in WA.

It's not  Myth, they use them.


The chemical signal, hmmm thats a lot harder. But if they have satelites that can count M&M's from space, damn sure they can see ya plants as well if they have the resources.


 Stay safe fellas. :peace: Nibbler

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