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Help with podcast story about about marijuana leaf symbol

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Hi guys,

I’m a researcher from Melbourne. I also produce a new little podcast called Psychotropic in my spare time. It's a slightly offbeat look at substance use addiction in all it's complexity.


The aim of the podcast is to challenge some unhelpful stereotypes (and some of the extremely narrow-minded thinking about substance use that you sometimes see in the mainstream media) by surprising and engaging people in new ideas and stories about drugs and drug culture.


You can check out the first episode of the show here:


I'm looking at doing an upcoming show about the marijuana leaf symbol and what it means to people who identify as being a part of cannabis culture. I can't help but notice that the marijuana leaf symbol is increasingly being used in commercial fashion products. For example socks with marijuana leaf symbols are becoming increasingly popular and have become quite cool.


As a very crude indication of this popularity, when I searched for “Weed socks” on Google, 3.7 million results came up. In comparison, when I searched for “Marijuana decriminalization” on Google, slightly less than 1 million results came up.


So I’m also interested in what people think of the marijuana leaf symbol being used to sell products in this way. Is it a sign of the growing social acceptance of cannabis (or not)? And what impact does the commercialization of the marijuana leaf symbol have on its symbolic meaning and value, and on cannabis culture generally?


Anyway if anyone has some thoughts about this (or if you have a pair of marijuana socks), I would love to record an interview with you.


We don't have to use your real name in the recording if you don't want too, and we can record the interview over Skype/telephone if that suits best.


As this is not a commercial project, unfortunately I can’t pay you but if anyone is interested or would like to know more please PM me or email me on: psychotropicshow@gmail.com



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Thanks Louise. I love this little story.


For me it really nicely illustrates how context shapes the meaning of symbols. What might be be the norm in one context might be subversive in another, and vice versa.


Fascinating stuff & would like to hear more about this if that's OK. Please feel free to PM me if you like (as I seem to be having a little trouble sending out PMs at the moment) :)

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one thing ill always add in, you should call it by it's real name 'Cannabis', Marijuana is that dirty Mexican slang word used in days of prohibition.

I Think that this is one very important step in reducing as you said,


unhelpful stereotypes (and some of the extremely narrow-minded thinking about substance use that you sometimes see in the mainstream media)


Even though it's still widely used in America, trends are changing and more education is needed, we don't want people in Australia starting to call it that too (although lots of media still and already do)

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hmmm, as a teen, I used to have a small pewter pendant in the shape of weed leaf... but traded it in for a small gold cross


I was raised by a hippy and an anarchist... the cross pissed them off more than the weed leaf ever did lol


I used to have a small marijuana leaf as a pendant. Still do! Haven't worn it for years though :)



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I have a little pewter leaf pendant in one of my keepsake boxes.

I don't wear it or what have you because, well, I'm afraid it will get damaged, lost, or broken.

I also avoid identifing as a stoner in my local community as per the bf's request.
I can understand why. We are growing after all, and don't want to give anyone any excuses.


Good luck putting your potcast together. ^_^



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