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GH Waterfarm Scrog 400watts

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That's looking nice there Aristo.

A bit of advice for your algae concerns

Algae needs two things to survive. Light and water.

You can't take either away, you need them but You can restrict them coming in contact with each other.

All my 'water works' are black. Black pots, black tubing, black reservoir (with a black lid) Black absorbs the whole light spectrum so you get no reflection and no light penetrates.

I have in the past also made shrouds for my pots to stop the algal bloom on the top of the perlite at the start of the 18/6 cycle, but once the plant gets big enough it covers the perlite and blocks the light anyway. So I don't bother with the shrouds anymore 

The less additives you have the better imho, so if you block the light you won't be needing to treat for the algae



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