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Found my first few amber trichomes

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:twiddle: Here we go...first few amber trichomes visible today on the calyx and sugar leaves, just into day 77 flowering.


So here's the plan...I am using Terra Flores and it recommends no fertilizer for the last 1.5 to 2 weeks before harvest but I don't want to starve my girl completely so I will compromise and intend to use water and molasses for only the last 5-7 days. I would hope to being seeing no more than about 10% amber trichomes (closer to the 5% is what I am after) by this stage by mid to late next week. Should be ready? for harvest in no more than 14 days...I think.


Anyway that's the plan so will see how we go...


Some pics...













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heya max =) , Mate they be fine for 2 weeks with no nutes, they will feed from the fan leaves.... it is where they store all the Nitrogen etc for use when it's not available in big enough amounts through the roots. just feed em water, you will  notice after awhile the fan leaves may yellow..... completely normal, let em yellow shrivel and fall off if you like, it won't matter.

And it may be a silly question , but why the big alfoil screen that just shouts "look at me, I'm a Cannabis plant?"........ lol .


Happy Harvesting and a trouble free last 2 weeks.



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...And it may be a silly question , but why the big alfoil screen that just shouts "look at me, I'm a Cannabis plant?"........ lol .


Happy Harvesting and a trouble free last 2 weeks.



Well there in lies another issue...put the plant in an old bucket, plenty of holes for drainage etc etc always planned to move it up the slope as the sun changed position. The spot its on, is very difficult to see even if you look directly over the fence...split level property...the plant naturally grows through the bottom of the bucket into the soil below while still low down on the bank...by the time I realize, too late, plant cant be moved up the bank into better sunlight without major stress.


So I still have the issue of the sun not getting to the plant which actually meant that about 50-60% was getting no direct sunlight apart from 10 minutes at just after sunrise. I know it doesn't have to be in direct sunlight and that certain wave lengths are needed by plants to thrive...if they can't have direct sunlight then why not reflected, hence the big Al Foil screen throwing light onto the plant...no science behind it just a guess.


Apart from the fact that it sticks out like a sore thumb it seems to work really well and I guess its my attempt to rectify an issue that a bit more foresight could have prevented. :wallbash:


I'm fairly happy that i can get it over the line now...checked the trichomes again this morning (can't help myself :egyptdance: ) and there were many more amber than I expected to see. May even have been 1-2%


Thanks for the words for encouragement Nibbler :)

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