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When should I harvest? (First timer)

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First timer here. Don't have a magnifying glass and trying to determine when is best to harvest my girl.

Whats the difference in layman's terms of harvesting early compared to late?

How big is the difference of harvesting early? I'm getting a little impatient, but mainly it is getting more and more dodgy keeping it.


Also plantwise: can't tell you what week its in, but planted late october from memory. been flowering for probably two months, sorry haven't been too strict with time, its for fun/hobby, not very serious. its outdoors too. I thought it would have been done by now, but we've had terrible weather for two weeks straight so its been in a shed without light for long periods of time :( better than getting wet though. also had some pretty cold weather, below 10, probably going to go that way in the next few weeks as well.

Sorry for photo quality.


Any tips would be appreciated.







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Gday cah


Just from a quick glance I'd say you've still got a bit to go, maybe least 2 but weeks probably more depending on its genetics.


I know that harvesting early is tempting for so many reasons but once its all dried and cured you will wish you had let it go just a little longer. Fresh cannabis bud contains up to 75% water which is lost through the drying and curing process. So what looks like monster colas now become small airy nuggets that lack weight and sometimes flavour if cut down before complete phenotype expression is achieved.


Wild plants put on a lot of there dry weight in the last couple of weeks as they rush to complete there annual cycle (sexual reproduction of seed) before winter kills them.


If you haven't got appropriate lighting in you shed I would be making sure that you at least move it outdoors when ever possible to allow it to finish off naturally. You will be rewarded with a higher yield.  



Hope this helps answer your question.

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Definitely better leaving the plants outside in the rain than inside with no light.  You may lose a few trichs but cannabis LOVES rain.  Seriously you'll never see another lifeform as happy as cannabis is after a good bit of rain.  Put her back out and give her at least another month to mature.

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last round of issues I had with my plants was partially fixed by a couple of days of rains along with a few other adjustments. Each time it rains my plants seem to love it...doesn't rain that much around here so no real concern about getting too wet and causing "bud" mold.


Yours look like mine did a couple of weeks ago and I still think I have at least a week 10 days to go yet.


Good luck hope you get a bumper :plant: :good:

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