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hi fellow oz stoners


I've recently switched from soil to coco, have stocked up on canna classic coco a+b veg and flower, plus some cannazyme and rhizotonic. I've still got bioBoost left over from last grow, so I will be using that in flower as well

Instructions on the veg a+b say mix part a 1st, part b 2nd (obviously), then let the mix stand for some hours.. How long is too soon (1hr) or too long(24hrs)? when can I mix in the additives, before or after the 'settling time'?


I know I need to check and adjust pH after all nutes + additives mixed


I haven't used coco, or 2part nutes before, the guy at my local hydro store didn't mention the settling time after mixing.

Any help is appreciated



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Canna's a+n set? didn't see that on the shelf.. typo ? The nutes say they are made for coco, run to waste, I'm sure it should be ok

I was concerned about was the settling after mixing, because I used to hand water my plants straight after mixing up nutes when growing in soil, not sure if that was gonna work with these coco nutes..

If you've never let yours settle, then I cant see why I should need to... as long as everything is well mixed it should be ok..

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thanks for your input frank mate.. I thought maybe pH might settle down a few hours after mixing it all up, or the 2parts needed a bit of time to work together before the plant can use them..


1st feed tonight, half strength a+b, full strength cannazyme+rhizo,  hopefully my plants will like this better than the biocanna biovega I have been using

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Heya Wayno =) , Canna is different to my coco nutes (H&G) , but I always find the additives usually raise or lower the PH directly after you add them , so testing straight after you mix them can give a false reading. Do a test, mix a fresh batch in 2L bottle, measure PH straight away........ then mix a batch and let it sit for 3-4 hours , then test it.


I'm not sure if it works with Canna, but with H&G, I mix A with water, shake/stir then leave for 15 minutes, add B shake/stir and then after 10-15 minutes I get a base Nute PH, then I add my additives after and do not retest, just water.


The main part to let sit is between adding B to part A in the mixing resi/container, you need to allow part A a little time to mix with the water before adding B.


Hope that helps. Peace. Nibbler.

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Canna Coco A&B with Seasol and Cannazym will drift for the first 24 hours then be stable after that.


150mm Duct for cooling a 600 watt HPS will not be enough unless you plan on only growing in Winter or you grow area is Airconditioned.

It might be ok now but when the plants fill out you will find big temps at top Canopy level.


250 Watts for 2 plants  (This is what I use)

400 Watts for 3 to 4 Plants

600 Watts for 5 to 6 Plants


Depends on how many you want to grow....Too much lighting and you are just wasting electricity.


20/4 lighting is also too much, breeders often recommend that lighting Schedule so you can get close to there Bullshit yield claims.

Fuck that.... Quality is paramount in my Book run 18/6 and you will get a better product.


Cheers Buzzo

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thanks nibbler, I will mix up a few trial runs to see what the pH does over time, also try pH adjusting before additives..


buzzo, I'll make up some nutes and test pH straight away and after 24hrs, thanks for that mate.  :thumbsup:

I have 4 plants - 2 white rhino, 2 jack herer, under 2 x 400 W HPS, 200mm inlet and exhaust ducting with carbon filter.. my room has served me well in the past

Temps in my room get a bit warm during summer time (30+), circulation fans keep air moving to prevent hotspots..


would only run 18/6 for veg  


:bongon: :bongon:

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