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Hi ALL:) I am baa-aack :) ; and need your amazing advice , again :))

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 HI all :)
How are we all this hummpity hump day ,  ?

I haven't been on this site for YEARS-like I think 5, maybe more YEARS , ...AM so stoked to see some familar faces still about, and just HOW far the site has come ). Awesome job, community :))

This past 5 years, I've been so busy bringing up child no 3,got through losing EVERYTHING in a house fire except our lives , studying , &  shite problems with the ex meant growing just couldn't happen :( ...but all is well, and good again for a stealth grow. YAY! :)) (And for those that know/remember me , am happily now 'married' (as much as they allow us lesbians 'marriage :/, commitment ceromony is all it really is legally, BUT in my heart , we r married  )  ,& trying for bub no 4 ) . Life is good.
I hardly have ANYTHING left from last grow now...I think there is like 3 timers, and a bloody ballast, THATS it... lol...so I am basically starting again...
And WOW- I can SO see there has been SOOO many advancements in past 5 years- SO much more on offer etc, etc. BASICALLY I am a newbie ALL over again.... lol .

SO...for ease...I came across this....


IS everything I need IN this ? 
Plan is to grow 4 best plants outta say 6 (? ) seeds of the  'Big Bang' variety...an apparatn 20% THC 'performer' that has the medicinal properties too. (Sounds good to me ) AM HOPING this is enough of a grow to sustain my smoking of 1/2 to 3/4 oz a week...I can't even REMEMBER how I USED to work that out. This really SHOULD be more like riding a bicycle , cos I have forgotton so much , it seems.

I need advice girls and guys...I SO am lost, and am feeling REALLY inundated with SOOO many new products EVERY time I look....
And , for the first time , EVEN when I visited the hydro shop where I now live, I felt so lost I literally walked out, the guy not even bothering to make me pay for the 20 peat pods I picked up....(YES I WAS THAT flummoxed )

If there is ANY links to some basic set ups, or if anyone has used 'Big Bang' before, I would LOVE to know(I checked via the search do dah...but nothing caame up :) )

ANY help would SOOO be appreciated :))

S xx



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P.S- yea, yea, yea....EVEN the computer gave me in trouble for posting so many smilies...but I am an emotive kind of person . I think . Hahaha.
Thx all...really am SO stoked I tried my old account and found it IS still open and working and able :).

BTW, reason I smoke what & amount I do , is shitty chronic fatigue...so I guess I need to actually establish HOW much WILL keep me in supply...as a first...
As I've got older, and with each bout, comes more pain IF not managed. Basically, since this has been an on and off thing since I was 8, each and every time I get yet another mosquito borne illness , anyhow ...

I do have space I can use....I thought I could use tent , thn build some ply walls around for 'stealth' reasons...

But pretty much I am open to ANY grow guide I caan follow to the  ' t'  , so to speak .
Again, thx , in advance
S xx

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that kit includes the basics, you will still want some ventilation fans and a fan to move air around inside the tent. if your old ballast is a 400w it would be better than the 250w in the kit but perhaps you could get the kit and sell the 250w ballast to get the money to buy an exhaust fan.


personally i think 1 or 2 plants would be enough in that tent and it isnt going to give you a lot of height to play with but you could make it work with a little training etc.

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"IS everything I need IN this ?

In short 'No'

You'll be needing fans, both for air exchange and stirring. You'll also need pH and EC measurers.

Also depending on smell, which if ya do it right should be a big stink. You'll probably be best off with a carbon filter too.

Now with ya meters, I only have one, a truncheon, for EC readings, which measures salt levels in your nute mix.

My pH meters have always caused hassles so now I use a single drop test similar to fishtank pH test kit. Just make sure its for hydro and not an actual fish pH as the hydro ones are more reliable, so I've been told.

Now if you are going to buy a carbon filter then you'll need a decent fan, and members will recommend a centrifugal fan and I'd agree, to push the air thru the filter.


That tent etc is nice and cheap. Just remember you get what you pay for. Its nice to pay less but the quality may not be there. Some cheap tents are lucky to last a year from some reports. So be aware.


Good luck with it all



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THANKS Ozzy420.:)

And thanks to forgetiwashere;  to yea, old ballast as I recall is a 400 or 600 w? I ; for some reason think it could be used for both , (hope that sounds right , again, basically , I have gone back to basics, cos it has been this long, but am sure the globe I literally smashed accidently JUST other day was a 400.W, so thanks for that...globe prob was fecked after 5 yrs of non use and by memory only had one more grow in it anyhows...so no major loss.

I DID have some old chemicals, but when I went to hydro , I asked the guy about the brand , and he basically  gave me a look letting me know'Noone uses that anymore ' hehehe.

ta for reminder re fans...thaats done and worked out, have that- but ventilation IS gonna have to be thought of, so thaanks for stating the obvoious. :)

Thanks all- so much. Again , so nice to be back :)

S xx


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There are better hydro dealers on eBay.


I've heard that seller doesn't discrete ship, in others words you might get a nice big box with "GROWLUSH" on the side of it, which might be something you would rather the neighbors didn't see.


Also, don't buy a package deal if you want the best quality for your money, buy the components individually and end up with exactly as you want it.

Edited by pegz
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Thanks @ Merlin...
in past I used charcoal. I had bought something - I no longer have (well if you arent using it, you pass it on to those that can ) - SCUSE my girly non proper terms, but basically , it was a fan that sucked air out...and had a chacoal filter than helped minimise the tell tale  stronger strains tend to have ...

Is charcoal still best way to go @ Merlin ? or anyone that cares to comment?
Is there a better deal anyone else knows of -

I WILL of course take the ad down to local hydro shop in next week, and hit him up as to what he can do , comparitively???Is that still  'ok' to do???

Thx again all
S xx

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Thanks for that advice @ Pegz...
Literally, I am considering both options...(I normally wouldnt look at package deal ) , only because there is SO much to initially buy- I want the majority outta way,AND on its way...

Any links you can think of that are a good 'ideal' of a basic grow ?

THX so much for heads up on that not discreet shippping....AND also that there ARE better deals out there...I truly don't have a clue atm, and just have to admit that , and try NOT to get taken advantage of ,

I truly am LOST- SO much really has come to pass in 5 small years...I think that is a good thing though. Still confused as to why most sellers STILL sell such crap , when so many awesome strains are out there, seemingly :)

S xx


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