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Almost there, day 45

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Im thinking another 2/3 weeks till i can stand it no more.

Might give it its last feed tonight then let mother nature and my tap water do the rest.


Im in no rush though as this bag seeds odour is not overpowering so not concerned with smells but am concerned with amount of rain

thats coming and how dense some of these buds are. 


She seems to have that NL look about her. Hmm getting close and im getting restless.............post-50473-0-49436200-1395645903_thumb.jpgpost-50473-0-48104400-1395645938_thumb.jpg





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Haha sorry, the worst part about it was that I played by all the rules and the cops even said they weren't looking for me, they were after a neighbor that supposedly was growing a large amount next door, they didn't see my plants at first, but they asked if I mind if they come into my yard and look over fence into next door, I told them no since I haven't done anything wrong and I didn't want to get involved. That obviously made them look a little harder in my yard. Wasn't much I could do about it.
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