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My First Grow - 1 Week In (Inc Germination). Pics Included. Would Appr

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G'Day Guys!


Ive recently started my first grow... I started smoking as I suffer Crohnes and it has helped more then any prescribed pill ever has 


Figured its time I try my hand at saving some cash and growing my own.. I have done some reading in the past and tried in the past, but was called oversea's for work and left it with month old plants..


I cant remember the lights in using exactly, but im certain they are EzyGrow Lights... Germinated the seeds over 2 days (didnt pop the first), and they are now about 4 days in...


Soil Acidity level was around 6.0 - 6.5. Lights are about 15-20cm from the plants... 


My big concern are the lights... Are they too close? too far away? My babies seem to be reaching for the sky, which makes me think the lights may be too far away??


Beyond that, I think for a couple of weeks I should be OK to let them be, then at about a month, look at introducing a good fertiliser?


I would massively appreciate any and all input. 


Cheerspost-52073-0-58768200-1395572628_thumb.jpg post-52073-0-58147800-1395572636_thumb.jpg post-52073-0-86479000-1395572645_thumb.jpg post-52073-0-91898000-1395572651_thumb.jpg post-52073-0-34467800-1395572660_thumb.jpg

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Yeah, ive realized it after some more reading.. Will be dropping them tomrorow...

Had a few more lights and holders bought and ready.. Will make something to hold 3 up... Using just 2 at first, or all 3 at first?

Also, at the end of the night, can I just shut the lights off, or should I slowly dim the light? That been a bit of a worry each night ahah

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Go all 3 the only thing stopping you from putting in more lights is heat. I'm assuming the lights you bought are fluorescent like the one you have in your pics if so go for it, all 3.

And yeah you can just shut them off. I would suggest getting a digital timer from bunnings or something should cost less then $30 saves you having to turn them on/off and your plants will be very happy with a regular light cycle.

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Heya Jigger =) , next time you plant up, try to use a smaller pot, like the size you get for small plants at the nursery. If you start off in big pots, there is a good chance of overwatering, as the roots can only take up as much as the lil plant will drink.

Growing in the bath tub is cool but, at least theres a drain for the run-off....hehe.


Grow well. Nibbler.

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i like to keep the fluro lights about 5 mm from tips

just gotta keep an eye on them as they grow so they dont burn on bulbs

the closer the light the stronger and a more compact plant is achieved

which is ideal for indoor growing

18 hours light 6 hours dark is the recomended indoor lighting vege regimine


all the best

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Thats a cool light!


to check if the light is to close or to far you can just put your hand under it and see if it gets hot after a few minutes, if your hand burns so will the plants. As nibbler said try using a smaller port first, If it was me i would try get them out of those big pots and out em in smaller ones OR just try to water around the plant area, but you will have to keep an eye on it.


Be careful with how long the stem gets on those little seedlings now as it could fall over or snap. ( it happened to me when i forgot i had seedlings in the corner of my veg tent about 1.5m away from the light )

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