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First harvest, not sure when to take down

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The amount of time it has been growing has no bearing on when it will finish flowering. Please look up photoperiodism and short day flowering plants to get an understanding of when and how cannabis plants flower.


As I recall you addd blood and bone to the original soil mixture. Blood and bone mixtures are 'nutrients' and they act for quite awhile.. not 17 weeks though. The reason your plant looks so yellow and has lost so many leaves is because your soil ran out of nutrients a long time ago and you didn't replace them... the plant has had nothing to 'eat' apart from the nutrients stored in it's own leaves.


In terms of how ripe the flowers are... yep, I'd say another 4 weeks, but considering the condition of the plant and how reluctant you seem to provide any further nutrition, I doubt it will get that far,

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here is a close up of the top, im trying to salvage it now. i didnt have time to look after her i work way to much this was just a hobby so please just let me know if i should cut her before she dries out completely. the buds still feels really nice and heavy its just the leaves drying out atm. so let me know if i should cut her down and i plan on starting another 1 straight away with the knowledge ive gained from this grow the next will be alot better!


IMG 1703

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crunk, as i said its my first plant i dont care i will do better next time. your a moron i wanted to know what i should do not your opinion on if i should be growing or not, fuck me everyone should be growing there own! I had no idea about this seasol or powerfeed before this thread

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