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gas lamp routine

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I'm pretty sure you'll get a resounding no, but I'm no one to speak for all.

There have been conversations and controversty over the 12/1 method of lighting, I expect this "gas light" method will be too. :)


Personally, I like to mimic nature. Long light hours in veg, short in flower. That is, 18/6 and 12/12.
I have not plans to ever change since it's been proven time and time again over many decades.

R&D is always interesting IMO, but there's not point in reinventing the wheel.


Just my arsehole, I mean, opinion. ^_^



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People have used it here, it does work..... if you wanna try it. It's called 12/1 method now, but was called the gas lamp method, but that was in use in dutch greenhouses for growing flowers etc. But from every comparison I saw, the plants always looked a lil lacking.

You may be able to 'trick' the plant into staying in a vegetative state by using 12/1, but in the end you rob it of around 6 hours light (compared to 18/6), and that is all the plant needs.... the light to grow, in veg, the more it gets the faster it grows.

I'll always be a firm believer on, ya get out what ya put in. Sometimes saving a few dollars in power isn't worth a reduction in plant health and growth.


:peace: Nibbler

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