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I came home last night after being out for a couple of hours and received a call from my neighbour to say she had seen two blokes jump over the fence from my place and one was holding what looked like secateurs and bolted down the side of her place and gone. It had only just happened as I got home, so I got lucky and disturbed them, seems as they were about to have a go at my plants. They apparently were not carrying anything else. I have checked and all plants seem to be intact and OK. I told her I would sort it out an not to call the cops


I am of course concerned about getting ripped off this late in the season and am considering pulling the most mature plant to ensure that I at least do get a crop. However I am loathed to do this as I am not sure exactly how much longer they have to go. I do have a microscope coming to check the trichs but this won't be for at least 2 more weeks and by that stage I was hoping this one would be ready.


How much longer do you think this one has to go. It is the most mature out of the three and is 10 weeks into flowering The pistils have retracted into the calyx's and there are a number of brown pistils. The lower fan leaves are starting to die off. It has had 3 days of intermittent rain on it and no ferts for the last 4 days. 


Any constructive comments or advice appreciated 









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Mate , it's a tough call.... but rippers don't care if it's too early, and you can't be home all the time..... just lucky your neighbour was.

If it were me, I'd pull em all. 100% of that almost ready is still better than 0% of nothing.

I have had to make this call before, and I'd rather have it early than let dogs have it.

It breaks ya heart because you can see the potential........ but they will be back... they know it's there now.



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It looks like its only a couple weeks early so shouldnt be too bad. and as nibbler said, You know that they know that you know that they know its there and they will be back.  Better to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it!


Ok Im done with the puns....

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Hey Nibbler and QLDorganix your right they are bloody dogs and I am even more pissed because I spend so much time at home and go out very rarely due to a couple issues I have with health. I suspect the pricks took off with my expensive secateurs as they are now missing GRRRR.  I have been thinking about this and I guess the only way to ensure they don't get it, is to harvest now. I am looking at this as a medical crop and certainly not a cash one so street appeal is no issue to me. I just want the most potent stuff I can grow and enough to supplement my current medication regime until next grow(maybe a tad ambitious... :yahoo:).


I can make a concerted effort to ensure I am home over the next 2-3 weeks but as Nibbler said "you can't be home all the time"


Thanks for the input

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It shouldn't be to bad of a smoke mate! i just got on to some bush that clearly has been pulled way to early and it knocks me off my camp chair! Way better then the usual hydro commercial junk etc. Im sure you'll be right! Also once you pull it down wait for those clowns to come back and get em, get em sooo good. for all of us haha

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Just working on a couple of surprises now...including a shit load of large bluestone rocks near their point of entry and a rather large amount of cans and bottles next to this...should at least slow em down for a start...I really want to dig a hole with a big surprise in it for them but that just isn't practical 

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